Online Rail Reservation

India Railway provides online rail booking facilities. IRCTC also gives the privilege of booking trains via mobile phones with Speech, GPRS recognition and modern CDMA technology available on various Mobile Operators. The IRCTC has also started the simplest way to book your train ticket using only two SMS or e-mail.

The Procedure for Using Tickets with SMS

To book train tickets using SMS, the following things are a must:

1. The user must register or register with IRCTC and choose to use the mobile booking facilities.

2. User must have at least one Passenger List in their name registered with IRCTC. This registration will be used for the SMS reservation procedure.

3. The traveler must be listed for Mobile Banking Services by ICICI Bank or any other associated bank.

4. It is mandatory that the user has a link or mobile connection with any of the operators such as Reliance, Airtel, Indicom, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL and others, and soon the list of more operators would be added to the list. .

5. The entire ticket reservation process can be done by sending only two messages through IRCTC Short Code 7425

How to register?

You must register with IRCTC to use this facility. The user has to choose the mobile reservation option in the profile or the page already listed to take advantage of all the different types of mobile reservation facilities that include SMS booking. Whoever wants the ticket needs to enter their mobile number, mobile operator and payment method. Currently only ICICI Bank provides this facility. ICICI Bank will charge a small charge of Rs 10 for this facility for each reservation. You will need to be registered or listed in the Mobile Shopping facility offered by ICICI Bank and enter the “mShop Name” via SMS.

Users who are already registered with IRCTC can use their current user ID and password to log in and need to make transactions through Hutch, Idea, Tata Indicom, trusted phones.

People who use this facility for the first time can learn the registration facility from mobile machines or visit the Irctc and use the registration form either usually or regularly. Approaching the reservation has never been as convenient as it is today.